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We know how important trust is when choosing a health and fitness provider - so here are 6 questions you will want to know the answers to before making a decision.


These 6 Why’s will hopefully give you the answers you need about us and our business. If there is anything we haven’t covered please get in touch. 


Why should I choose Functional Fitness Bristol over other local gyms?

1. We have 3 decades of 1-1 and group training experience that can only be matched by a handful of other fitness companies within Bristol. Most gyms have a lot of trainers that are newly qualified and inexperienced so you can get a less qualified trainer as a result. With us you have the piece of mind that your coach your training with has many hardened years of industry experience and expert knowledge. 

2. We don’t tie you into any long-term contracts unless requested by you and there are no upfront sign on fees either. We don’t like small print anymore than you do so we don’t have any! We do like simple, clear, uncomplicated signs ups though, which get people on their health and fitness journey asap - this is what you can expect with us.


3. We have been helping people to get and stay healthy since 2012 and it’s this long-term community presence that continues to uphold our reputation as a small, local trusted business that provides the most current professional health and fitness services. 

4. Our facility is not over sized and due to the open layout of the gym we can see every member and what training their working on at any particular time. There are no hiding places in our facility and this allows members to get to know each other better and provide support where needed within a relaxed environment. 

5. All our coaches have a minimum of 5 million public liability insurance and an emergency first aid qualification. Every coach is also at least a level 3 REPS’s accredited trainer with a recognised industry qualification. 



Why are your training solutions better than other gyms I’m considering?

1. We have a stronger ethos and focus on movement proficiency and the importance of the fundamentals of movement and training compared to other gyms. We understand and appreciate the human body as an amazing organism that needs to be respected and challenged through movement, exercise and training. Move well and move often is a concept our solutions are centred around, which can often be overlooked.

2. Our solutions are all inclusive and varied so that there is a solution for everyone at any starting point. This includes the use of hybrid training online through zoom and on-site from within the gym. 

3. Due to the experience of our coaches we are confidently able to plan and design programs that are challenging and enjoyable in equal amounts, all backed up by scientific principles. It’s this high value of coaching that our members appreciate most from our business. 


4. Our gym is open 24/7 with secure unique access for every security checked member so you have full accessibility and flexibility with your training routine. Our coaches are also available for advice throughout the day with a maximum 24 hour response time. 


5. The broad knowledge base we have across the team gives us extra scope and capacity to deliver many different training modes and styles. This means we can produce better bespoke health and fitness solutions no matter your level and goals.


Why can I trust you to help?

1. Due to the scope of our services and our experience as a reputable fitness company we can give you all the tools and help you need to achieve your goals, whether that be weight loss, improved biomechanics, calisthenics skills or strength and conditioning for athletes, we use a blend of strategies that work best for you not the fixed hard model of training that many other gyms insist on.

2. We have clear channels of communication so that our members are able to directly talk with the owners of the business Rich and Joel, so your feedback will be listened to and acted upon quickly where needed. This does not happen in many other gyms as the owners of the business simply do not head up the running of the gym and the coaching programs respectively -  as Rich and Joel do.

3. We have a short cancellation period of only 4 weeks for all our memberships and personal training services so that if for what ever reason you can no longer commit to your training with us or it’s just not right for you, then you have the piece of mind that you can leave promptly with no tie or cancellation fees.


4.  Our client testimonials and review rating across the internet is on average 4.9 stars demonstrating the value we bring to our members and clients everyday. We are also committed to providing more video testimonials for people to watch giving a face to client success stories.


Why should I spend with you?

1. We hand control over to you with how you want to pay for the services you use. With flexible, easy payment options including, fixed monthly subscriptions, block payments upfront, setting up an account or simply PAYG - there is a payment solution for everyone. 

2. Most people that come into see us have a budget in mind before they start. This is great and we would always advise people to go away to think about a budget they can maintain over the long term as real health and lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight. We will happily help people to financially plan ahead by working our solutions around a budget and any other financial/time constraints. We do this because we appreciate that health is more important than money and so we do everything we can to open up our expertise to all people.

3. We know life can sometimes get in the way of training and this is expected so we will always catch up on any missed personal training sessions or provide a refund into your account where necessary. You will only ever pay for what you use and the only time we ask that you pay for missed sessions is when a cancellation is made at short notice i.e less than 12 hours before scheduled 1-1 sessions. 

4. Every time you refer someone to us and they sign up, you will get a referral present from us. This could be a FREE 1-1 session, block of classes, 1 month FREE membership, some training kit or even a referral fee paid into your account, it’s your choice.  




Why are you unique compared to all the other gyms?


1. Our primary aim is to create affordable, bespoke and holistic packages and solutions that perfectly fit an individuals needs and overall lifestyle. We like to think we are pretty good at doing this compared to our competitors that tend to go down the one size fits all route, which although often requires less set up effort by the coaches and owners it also means the drop out rate of members is higher in the long run due to lack of flexibility to train, financial worries and a lack of effectiveness and results.

2. We have a higher than average understanding and knowledge of prehabilitation and rehabilitation exercises and plans compared to the average trainer in other gyms. We have experience in helping with common joint and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries giving the ultimate training experience and value for money. We also have direct links with the award winning physio practice Blue Sky Physio headed up by Donna Hull based in Ashton, South Bristol, which is located just down the road from us. This is where any clients that need more complex specialist physio treatments will go under our umbrella. 

3. We limit the number of members and clients that are working with us to ensure we know the name of and the reasons why people are training with us. This also allows us to better control who and when people should be using the gym through our unique key door access. Due to the open layout of the facility new members get to know other people using the gym quickly as there are no hiding places. Members also enjoy the FF adventures we run throughout the year to socialise with other members in an active, fun way. 

4. The facility is open 24/7 for members to use at their discretion once all security and induction procedures are met. As a result of this extended hours of use, members do not have to wait for equipment or feel too tight for space when training, which frequently happens in other non 24/7 fitness facilities. 

5. Our attention to detail, care for members progress and passionate level of coaching is what we feel stands us apart from the crowd. People often comment on this higher level of attention to detail when they have tried similar services in other facilities. We always cast a critical eye over technique and movement proficiency throughout our coaching sessions and it’s this that is unique and fully appreciated by all our clients and members.  


Why should I act sooner than later?

1. Health and fitness is the No.1 priority for people even before family and financial status and this has been shown in numerous research studies. This is because without our health we do not have anything else, which has never been so cruelly shown during the global COVID-19 pandemic where the virus is effecting health compromised people more than healthier individuals. The need to be healthier as a nation has never been so highlighted and prominent at this time.

2. Mental health is among one of the biggest concerns for all people of all ages and the ability to stay mentally resilient and adaptable in life is vital to overall wellbeing. Exercise and being more physically active is the best strategy you can use to help protect and safeguard your mental health - FACT. 

3. Help take the pressure off the NHS and your GP practices by being physically and mentally healthier and therefore making less visits to the doctors for coughs, colds and other illness and musculoskeletal issues. This also helps to free up the capacity for other people within your community that need aid with chronic conditions and for people that need emergency treatments. 

4. Physically prime your body to handle stress more effectively and reduce the number of sick days you take off work. Too many sick days can result in less pay dependant on your sick leave policy at work and occupational health studies consistently show that healthier people with less chronic diseases take less days off sick each year and are more productive when at work to. This improved energy and productivity at work can directly result in a better chance of promotions and higher salaries.  

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