All our classes are LIVE on Zoom. Just book on and click on the link provided for each class. Your coach will be there waiting for you. Any issues accessing the class, please send us an email for us to help.

Class pack options 

10 x class pack

5 x class pack

Drop in class 



Monday & Thursday 18:00-18:40 LIVE Zoom Video class

Saturday 08:30-09:10 LIVE Zoom Video class

The meaning of calisthenics is simply body weight strength. Calisthenic exercises increase total body strength, fitness and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing one-self up, bending, jumping, or swinging – using only one’s body weight for resistance. We will be working towards handstands, muscle ups, front levers, back levers, planche, human flags and many more skills with the progressions and regressions to match.



Tuesday 7:30-8:10 LIVE Zoom Video class

Thursday 12:30-13:10 LIVE Zoom Video class

Turbo Trainer required to access this class. Expect to build your conditioning on the bike by increasing your capacity through cardiac output training. Your coach will ensure you reach the correct HR zones that are needed throughout the Turbo session for optimum cardiac adaptations. 


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-13:05 LIVE Zoom Video class

This 35min high intensity fitness class is a fantastic cathartic release of stress and tension. We handpick exercises to specifically release stress and tension, giving you a chance to push out your aggression in a safe and controlled way.
This class is fast, intense and fun – releasing your work tension through exercise is brilliant for your body and mind.



Wednesday 17:30-18:30 LIVE Zoom Video class

Saturday 9:00-9:40 LIVE Zoom Video class

This fitness class focuses on improving your stamina, aerobic & anaerobic fitness using mixed modal training. Every class will be different from week to week; boxing & padwork, circuit training, kettlebells, HIIT, weights & bodyweight training.

One thing will stay the same…. you will always leave the studio with a smile having had an awesome, fulfilling workout.


Tuesday & Friday  9:30-10:10 LIVE Zoom Video class 

This class is all about Improving mobility & flexibility, two key components when it comes to moving well. Whether you're striving for athletic performance or looking for freedom of movement in everyday life. If we have sufficient range of motion and control over that range, pretty much everything else becomes easier.


Wednesday 09:30-10:10 LIVE Zoom Video class

This is a child-friendly class that is great for getting the children moving freely and burning off energy. Expect them to practice natural movements and gymnastic style exercises. Great for improving body awareness, agility, mobility, strength & balance. FUN!!



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