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Will You Trust Us to Look After Your Health?

Will you trust us to look after your health and fitness? Read on to see a sample of people that did trust us and read their stories for the far ranging results and benefits they got from working with us.

The following 6 google rating and reviews from past and current clients and members highlighting all our services from 1-1 personal training all the way to group training classes covering many years of business.

Hopefully you will read one that inspires you to take the action you deserve to start the journey of improving your health one small step at a time!

If not, we have many many more that we can share with you to match your personal health and training goals 😊

Classes review from Paulin who joined us for our high intensity HIIT35 classes and went on to experience other services to.

Calisthenic review from Aengus who joined us 6 months ago and is still training hard with us working on his impressive Calisthenic skills.

Whole service review from Josh who has been with us for over 4 years now and continues to attend multiple classes and the occasional PT session.

Injury rehabilitation review from Tracey who has experienced our Personal Training and Classes and needed specialist programming to improve a shoulder injury.

Classes review from Ulric a PHD student at the time of review who focused on our Kettlebell class and Natural Movement class to gain improved strength and movement competence.

Total service review from Pete who started in one of our corporate well-being sessions and then moved onto 1-1 sessions and other classes including nutrition coaching.

If you would like to see some similar results to these people or simply want to talk it over with a professional first, then please click this link to contact us for a FREE consult worth £50.00

We hope you find the courage to take action,

Coach Rich

p.s we have a few special offers at the moment for new members too, so click here to see them

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