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Why We Make Great Customer Service Our Priority

Below average customer service is found all too often in the fitness and gym industry where people get ignored, treated poorly and taken granted of.

Luckily, we are proud to be different - we have made customer service a top priority for all our gym members, Personal Training clients and online programming athletes.

Since opening our doors in 2012 we have always known the importance of providing great customer service and this has shown itself in 4 key ways:

1. 5 star reviews on Google (although we are always asking for more)

2. 100’s of Member testimonials

3. A high retention rate of between 1-5 years depending on the type of service (some of our 1-1 clients have been training with us since the beginning)

4. 12 years of building up close relationships with all our members to provide a coaching experience that is second to none

We are able to provide this industry leading customer service because we are a small, private gym that knows the name and goals of every member that walks through the door - big corporate gyms and some smaller gyms just cannot and do not have this same passion and awareness of their customers.


So you may be thinking, how can I tell if my current gym is taking me for granted as a member?

Ask yourself these questions to get a feel if your gym is taking your membership for granted.

Do I get greeted with a welcome and a smile when I immediately walk into the gym?

Do the staff members and coaches know my circumstances and current reasons for coming to the gym?

Do I get regular 8-12 week reviews to check on my progress?

How often have I been asked my opinion on how the service and gym can be improved?

Am I making real steps forward and progress in getting healthier and fitter or am I just floating along?

Do you have any program to follow when you are in the gym training? and if you do does this feel very much like a generic template for all members no matter their goals?


These are obviously just a few questions you could ask yourself but there would be many many more.

In our experience someone can usually very quickly get a feel for if there current gym is not hitting the standards they should and most likely taking their membership and money for granted.

If you have answered YES to at least 2-3 of these questions then it is probably time to look at your options and move on.

Life is too short for crappy customer service and you’re worth more.

If you would like to explore your options for joining a gym that does care for your membership, then please check out this link to our RISK FREE Trial Offer for all new members

or if you have some questions first and want to speak to one of our coaches then please email us

Until next time,

FF Team

p.s We have different offers for all our services so if you want a bespoke solution based around your budget email me directly at

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