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The Cost of Personal Training - is it worth it? (written by a PT)!!

Let's skip the bull s**t! Read on to find out the truths about personal training and if the extra is worth it! Yes this is coming from a personal trainer, strange right? Not really...we want to give people more clarity on the personal training industry and the reasons why some trainers charge more than others.

Personal training has boomed over the last decade with trainers on every street corner (as it seems) making it far more viable and accessible to many, but with this boom comes a range of different rates that trainers charge. So are personal trainers worth the extra money compared to a cheaper gym membership? This question is typed into google most days with degrees of truthful answers.

A personal training client during a Functional Fitness personal training session in Bristol

Firstly, we first need to appreciate that not all personal trainers come out of the same factory with the same experiences and qualifications. Just like any other service you get personal trainers that are poor and some that are very good. So to answer if the cost of personal training is worth it is very much down to the individual personal trainer and business you are looking to buy from.

Trainers with higher qualifications and years of experience will tend to earn the higher price tag compared to a newly-qualified trainer that has come straight from the study room. It's like comparing a bookkeeper with a chartered accountant - which would you have do your annual accounts and tax return?

"If you want a trainer with more experience and knowledge expect to pay a higher rate up to £60 per hour"

But how do you know if the trainer your speaking to is worth the higher price tag? There is a simple 7 point checklist that you should have in your head when talking with a prospective trainer:

1. Do i like the way this trainer conducts themselves and speaks to me?

2. Do I feel comfortable speaking in front of this trainer and do they put me at ease?

3. Do I know the background experience of this trainer?

4. Does the trainer have an understated air of confidence without seeming big headed?

5. Can the trainer show me a portfolio of past client success stories?

6. Have they shown me the client journey and how will they track my progress?

7. Do they ask me to sign a lengthy contract to tie me into a minimum duration with this person/company?

Having these 7 points in hand and going through them systematically in your head will certainly help you to determine whether the trainer/business your speaking to is right for you. Be wary of the trainers that struggle to clearly answer these questions for you as it could show a lack of knowledge and experience of working in the trenches day in day out with people.

In addition to the 7 points above, even before you consider hiring a personal trainer you must ask yourself this important question..

"Can I commit to and am I willing to put the effort and extra work in outside of my PT sessions to reach my goals"?

If the answer to this is a big NO, then personal training is not worth the extra money you pay for it, if the answer is MAYBE, then you should speak to the trainer and make a decision after your initial consultation. If you can automatically say YES, then personal training is the right step to take for you and definitely worth the extra cost compared to joining a gym. It very much depends on your state of mind at the time and your motivation to make an important lifestyle change. People that appreciate the fact that training 1-2 x per week will most likely not be enough to reach their long-term goals are "ready" for personal training.

"Behavioural change requires motivation and a strong desire to change habits, a good PT should not only push you in your training sessions but more importantly coach you through these lifestyle changes"

Here at Functional Fitness Bristol our Personal trainers ensure every client gets:

- A progressively structured plan of exercise that is personal to your goals and health needs

- Support and advice at the end of the phone/email/text message when you most need them

- The extra motivation and enjoyment of working out through progression and variety

- A trusted referral network of other health professionals when required

- The extra accountability of answering to someone that will conduct measurements and assess your lifestyle on an on-going basis

- A friendly community of like-minded people with similar goals

If you are considering hiring a personal trainer in Bristol, then we would love to take you on that journey. With our open door policy you can pop in at anytime for a show around, coffee and chat!

Happy easter!

FF Team

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