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Gut Health Talk Success

On a showery April evening people made there way through South Bristol to the Functional Fitness Bristol Personal training Studio to hear from a health expert. There objective was to learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system with practical strategies to improve overall well-being.

Bristol Garden Kitchen produced some delicious food for the event

Hannah Braye from Fine Feather Nutrition was in the spotlight, who is a nutritionist and gut-health expert. She presented to a group of clients, members and guests about the benefits of fermented foods and the overall impact they have on gut health. Hannah had the audience listening intently as she talked through the many fascinating topics of digestion and bacteria, with a strong emphasis on practical ways to increase the diversity and amount of good bacteria in the body.

Once Hannah had finished speaking people got the chance to eat some organic, fresh, home-made fermented foods courtesy of Bristol Garden Kitchen. Ash produced a chicken veggie broth, mushroom miso broth, kim chi and kombucha, which went down a storm. This showed everyone how delicious and healthy gut-friendly food can be with relatively simple preparation.

With tasting bowls in hand and taste buds tingling, people got the chance to speak to Hannah on a personal level to ask any questions. Upon leaving, many went away feeling inspired to make their own fermented foods and a new found desire to include more gut-friendly foods in their diets. This was lovely to hear and a testament to Hannah for producing an interesting and informative seminar.

The overall feeling was that the event was a great success and we are looking forward to holding our next expert health talk in the near future. Tickets to these events can be purchased through our online store once released.

Happy fermenting,

FF Team

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