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Get Under the Skin of Functional Fitness Bristol - An Intimate guide to who we really are…

Who are we?

We are Rich and Joel that founded FF in 2012 after becoming friends within a corporate style gym. We are Advanced level 3 personal trainers by trade and have accumulated over 2 decades of experience and knowledge in how to best improve peoples health and performance through our functional fitness training and the scientific principles surrounding them.


Who we are not?

We are not what we call off the shelf trainers that are looking to make a quick buck within the fitness industry often at the expense of clients. These trainers are easy to spot as they are the ones that talk a good game at first but then fail to deliver as a lack of understanding of people, lack of knowledge and a lack of passion eventually catch up with them with those big promises being consistently under-delivered.


What business are we in?

We are in the health business so far as to say we run a personal training company that runs a gym and classes schedule creating a membership that is valued, fun and brings results to peoples lives. We are ultimately in the business of getting more people active more often and with greater results through our unique coaching services.


For whom do we serve?

Due to the scope and broad knowledge we have built up over time we serve the person who wants to win OCR events all the way through to the person who just wants to walk without the fear of falling over. We serve all people at all levels as long as the will is there and the motivation to improve health and/or performance is the objective.


Who do we not serve?

We do not cater for the person that is only interested in body building training and aesthetics. We do not cater for the person that is looking for a superficial, quick fix to a health problem and/or need. We do not serve people that are too single minded and closed off to new, improved training methods and the acceptance to change bad habits that have got them to their current state of wellbeing.


What need do we serve?

The need to be healthier overall, improve energy levels, reduce musculoskeletal pain, improve body shape and confidence, enjoy exercise and give a better focus to exercise and training in someones life.


What are the special needs of the people we serve?

We serve and help the person that feels lost and confused of how to best start and/or progress a training routine to improve their health and/or performance. We serve the person who is bored, uninspired and fed up of the big gym mentality where you are seen and often treated as “just another number on the spreadsheet database”. We also serve the need of the person who yearns for a gym that listens and cares for their health and potential to improve, a gym that knows their name and exceeds their expectations. As well as these people we also serve the person who has been struggling with pain in their body for years having exhausted the list of other health professionals that hasn’t worked. The person that has never tried or given the chance for the power of functional movement coaching to be of benefit and give it the time to resolve their pain whilst enriching their mental and physical wellbeing by allowing for better, pain free movement.


What unique benefits do people get from us?

Our clients get a private gym space to workout in, one that is functional, modern and not over-sized or over crowded. People also develop a close working bond with our coaches that have your back and are in complete support of your goals. In addition to this our clients and members experience a level of coaching that is second to none and of the highest industry standard. This stems from a level of detail of movement and technique coaching that just isn’t seen across many bigger gyms. Lastly, our members get an immediate social network of like minded people to have fun and share physical challenges with.

If you have any other questions about us or how we deliver our training to get people healthier and performing better then please get in touch

Until next time

Rich & Joel

FF Founders

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