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Calisthenics keeps growing in popularity

The Calisthenics classes in the Functional Fitness Bristol studio keep growing in popularity and demand. We have seen record numbers to the Monday and Thursday classes which both start at 6pm over November/December.

The high attendance is great for class culture, which helps to drive the friendly, hard working environment that we are always trying to create in the studio.

Regular class members are starting to see their continued hard work pay dividends by increasing their strength and ability to perform harder skills every week. The progression by many members over the last couple of weeks has been impressive with many starting to master the muscle up and tuck lever. 👏🏻💪🏼

Calisthenics, gymnastics and body weight training in general is becoming more and more mainstream, with many people interested in learning how to best control their body and build a greater inner strength.

If you are interested in trying some body weight training, feel free to contact a coach for a chat or book onto a Calisthenics or Natural Movement class to try it for yourself. New class members are always welcome 😊

Until next time,

FF team

p.s check out our Instagram page for photos & videos of our members practising their skills..

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