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Brand new Functional Grading System to Launch in June'19

We are hugely excited to announce that we are launching our functional grading levels as of June 2019. This 6 tier'd grading system has been in the planning for over a year now with the FF team working on the 6 different levels, programming and assessments that fit each level.

To get an idea of how they will work and how you can sign up please read on..

The 6 functional grading levels will test your ability in a range of movement quality and physical assessment challenges with the aim of achieving better balance in training, increased ability to move well, using clear, structured targets to work toward and using the progressive levels to measure training improvements.

Each level will progress gradually in difficulty so when you reach level 6, you will be at the Functional Fitness Athlete stage, earning your gold colours (each grade has its own colour to represent the level you are at). You can only pass through the levels by passing each grade with a 100% pass mark, which will be tested during the grading assessment days held on a monthly basis (only when you feel ready to take the grading will you have to book onto an assessment day/session).

For more details about the grading system and how you can sign up, please visit the grading system page on our website...

More updates to follow as we look forward to launching the grading system in June...

Stay healthy,

FF team

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