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"An Introduction to Gut Health" Talk & Taste Event - only 7 days left to book on..

We are running our very first talk and taste event on Tuesday 9th April @ 6pm in the Functional Fitness Bristol studio. We have linked up with Fine Feather Nutrition to deliver the talk and Bristol Garden Kitchen to cater for it.

Hannah Braye is the lead speaker at this event who is a registered nutritionist and gut health specialist. Hannah has a big passion for gut health and educates people on the best ways to get a healthier, happier gut.

The talk will be a great opportunity to hear from an expert in this area and learn some key strategies to improve your health through your tummy. Oh yeh, we also have some yummy, gut friendly foods to try during the event from our sister company Bristol Garden Kitchen.

Take a look at the talk details on our store where you can easily purchase a ticket - only £12!!

We hope to see many of you there. Any questions, please message us directly.

Good health,

FF team

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