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5 reasons why you should consider us as your Bristol Personal Trainers

Joel building his client - trainer relationship during a personal training session in our Bristol PT studio

There are hundreds of personal training companies and freelance personal trainers within Bristol and the surrounding area, so how do you choose the right one for you? Here are 5 good reasons why we believe our services outshine many others on the market.


OUR INTENSE PASSION FOR HEALTH - Although many personal trainers are also passionate about fitness and training we are interested in helping people not just through a one dimensional process. Instead we use a 3D coaching process for building a healthy lifestyle that is effective, sustainable and enjoyable.


OUR PERSONABLE COACHES - We try harder to find the right people for our business and our clients. All our coaches are friendly, easy-going and knowledgable, creating an effective combination that helps people get the most from our personal training sessions.


OUR DRIVE TO BE BETTER - This includes our facilities, service offering, our continued professional development and most importantly our customer service scores. We are always seeking to improve as coaches to make sure we stay current and up to date on the most recent industry trends.


OUR LIFESTYLE COACHING APPROACH - Although our primary focus is on personal training and movement quality, we also spend a lot of time with our clients focusing on nutritional strategies to improve overall health and performance. We also look into sleep patterns and stress levels and how best to reduce the latter and improve the former. This whole-rounded approach to coaching and personal training is the most effective and sustainable way to get and keep results for the long-term.


EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE - All our personal trainers have a high level of experience and this has been gained through working with clients on the floor (in the trenches) for over a 10+ year period. There isn't much we haven't seen or worked with, which fortunately gives us the knowledge to adapt and progress training programs for a range of goals and abilities.

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