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3 Main Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

So what are the real benefits of hiring a personal trainer? Writing this as a personal trainer who has had over 10 years experience in the trenches I am uniquely qualified to write about this. I want to state the real benefits of why personal training can be so beneficial to some people (not all) and I will attempt to do this with an un-biased view (wish me luck) :)

This is a real-life, non photo-shopped before and after shot of a client we have trained through a body transformation journey. Rupert lost around 3 stone over a 14 week period, reduced his body fat substantially and increased his muscle tone, not to mention improving his all round functional strength and fitness to meet his daily needs.

This leads us nicely into the first main benefit of hiring a personal trainer - body and health transformations that are for the long-term. Here at Functional Fitness Bristol we do not believe in quick fixes only long-term transformations that are maintainable through a healthy lifestyle.

"Short-term fixes are great for the ego but not for the body"

Short fixes are great for the ego but not for the body, yo yo dieting is the classical example of this, where the body gets shocked into changing through aggressive calorie restriction. The problem with this is that hormones go out of balance, metabolism can slow down and muscle mass/tone reduced. This culminates in the predictable process of slowly putting all the weight lost (and some more) back on again, leaving people feeling annoyed, frustrated and a "whats the point" mindset.

Can you relate to this? Have you felt this way in the past? Most of us have, but it doesn't have to be this way!

The second benefit of hiring a personal trainer is accountability. For the majority of our lives most people have had to be accountable to someone or something, which tends to improve performance and outcomes in the right environment. This is no different to personal training, we as personal trainers help keep you accountable not only to us but more importantly to yourself.

"Accountability is what stops you from eating that extra biscuit, drinking that last beer, ordering that second take away of the week"

The third benefit of hiring a personal trainer is great support and guidance. Someone on your side and on your team routing for you, is a powerful way of immediately gaining some extra clarity and confidence in the task at hand. Your personal trainer will be the sounding board for any concerns or worries and the person to answer any questions you may have. Your coach will also enjoy the successes with you and celebrate your achievements.

"On average people work better together than apart, have more success and gain more satisfaction than working alone"

So if your tired of waiting to get results, have lost confidence, have no plan, unsure what to do, or you just need someone looking out for you, then personal training could be for you. If you would like a chat to one of our friendly, experienced coaches please don't hesitate, were here to help.

Until next time,


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