FF Levels

There are 6 progressive movement & fitness Levels to pass.
Starting from fundamental movements all the way up to very skilled movements & high level of strength & fitness.

We have designed our levels so you will always have a target/goal to train for, not one just to look ascetically better but to; move better, be stronger, be fitter & looking better will be a bi product of this. 
One of the most important things is that you will start to love your training. You will have fun, play & be inspired to be your best with the support of the coaches & the FF Lifestyle community around you.

The FF levels will iron out your weaknesses Improving your physical & mental capacity. You'll improve your; Strength, Fitness, Flexibility, Mobility, Agility, Balance & Movement skills. 
Not only that but they will help to keep you injury free, teaching you to move the way you are designed to move.

Our levels are designed to help you become physically & mentally the best that you can be. It's not all about reaching the top level, the aim is to reach the highest level that you can reach. Your training will crossover to everyday life making activities & challenges easier to do & giving you more energy though out your day.

If you manage to achieve level 6 you will become an all round athlete with the ability to take on any physical challenge/sport & smash it. 

What the levels look like

Grade 1 - The Fundamentals of Functional Movement
Grade 2- Beginnings of Functional Movement
Grade 3- Functional Movement and Exercise
Grade 4- Functional Movement and Performance
Grade 5- Advanced Functional Performance 
Grade 6- Functional Fitness Athlete

How we test

Each month we will have a testing week where if you believe you're ready you will be able to take the assessment. 

The assessments in each level will consist of exercise & movement patterns implementing Strength, Fitness, Mobility, Flexibility & Movement skills.
To pass the level you're on & progress to the next FF Level you will have to perform all the exercises/movements to the required standard at a 100% pass rate.

The testing can be done within monthly grading classes held on the last week of the month, PT sessions or online video analysis.

Once you pass the level you're on we will send you the next Levels training programmes & assessment standards.

Whats the cost

FF Lifestyle Membership (monthly)
FF Levels, FF Level Programming, FF Level Assessments, Open Gym Access, Unlimited Classes 

£80.00 per month

Off The Shelf one off payments (non members)
FF Levels, FF level programming
Levels 1, 2 = £40 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £50 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £60 (Each)

Assessment price (non members)- Video analysis or class
Levels 1, 2 = £30 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £40 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £50 (Each)



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