Grade up your training with our unique

Functional Levels

There are 6 Progressive Movement & Fitness Levels.
Starting from fundamental movements all the way up to skilled movements with high levels of strength & fitness.

There are a minimum 16 movements in each level that you will be tested on during the assessments; Balance, natural movement, core, vertical pull, horizontal pull, Vertical push, horizontal push, deadlift, squat, gymnastic, power, technique, aerobic, mobility, carry, flexibility. 
The movements will increase in difficulty as you work up through the levels.



What The Levels Look like

Level 1- The Fundamentals of Functional Movement 
Level 1 you will build the foundations of movement. 
Learning to be in total control of your body; pelvic tilts, scapular control & activation, Ankle dorsi flexion, core activation, posture correction, glute activation, balance.
This Level is about learning to walk before you can run.

Level  2- Beginnings of Functional Movement
In Level 2 you will be taking the movements you have learned from level 1 & apply them to exercises.
This will be a natural progression giving you the confidence to build strength & fitness knowing your technique is correct.
You will find; Kettlebell swings, Romanian deadlifts, Goblet squats & headstands within your programming.

Level 3- Functional Movement and Exercise
In Level 3 you will be perfecting movements & learning new skills.
Handstands, box jumps, pull ups, kettlebell Turkish get ups & other challenging exercises will be introduced to your programming.

Level 4- Functional Movement and Performance
In Level 4 you will now be moving onto more performance based work, advanced strength & dynamic exercises.
Free standing handstands, !00% bodyweight BB deadlifts, skin the cat on gymnastic rings, 1k run within 3:30 minutes are all amongst the tests.

Level 5- Advanced Functional Performance 
In Level 5 you will be perfecting your skills, building some awesome strength, power & fitness, becoming completely tuned & in control of your body.
Exercises such as muscle ups, BB snatches, pistol squats, toes to bar, 150% bodyweight deadlifts & 5k run in under 23 minutes are some of the tests.

Level 6- Functional Fitness Athlete
In this level you will be learning to master your body, pushing your limits in all areas; strength, flexibility, power, skills, & fitness.
To pass this level will take a lot of work but completely worth to hard graft! You will be able to take on any physical challenge/sport & smash it.
You will become an FF athlete & will be able to; Hold a freestanding handstand for 1 minute, run 5k in sub 20 minutes, deadlift more than twice your bodyweight, perform multiple handstand press ups, Clean & jerk more than 100% of your bodyweight, Slack line walk & many more cool things.




The levels are designed so you will always have a target/goal to train for. You will move better, be stronger, be fitter & look better. 

You'll start to love your training, you will play, have fun & be inspired to be your best with the support of the coaches & the FF Lifestyle community around you.

Each level will iron out weaknesses improving your physical & mental capacity. You'll increase your; Strength, Fitness, Flexibility, Mobility, Agility, Balance & Movement skills. 

The progressive levels will help to keep you injury free, teaching you to move the way you are designed to move.




The aim is to reach the highest level you can reach.

Your training will crossover to everyday life making activities & challenges easier & giving you more energy though out your day.

If you pass up to level 6 you will have successfully developed into an all-round functional athlete with the ability to take on any physical challenge you desire. 

How we test

Each month there will be an assessment week.


The assessments will consist of exercise & movement patterns implementing

Strength, Fitness, Mobility, Flexibility & Movement skills.


To pass a level you will need to perform the exercises to a 100% pass rate.


Assessments can be done within monthly grading classes held on the last week of the month, PT sessions or online video analysis.


Passing a level will unlock the next Level programme & assessment standards.

FF Lifestyle Membership
FF Levels, FF Level Programming, FF Level Assessments,

Open Gym Access, Unlimited Classes 

£80.00 per month

Single payment (non members)
FF Levels, FF level programming
Levels 1, 2 = £40 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £50 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £60 (Each)

Assessment price - Class or video analysis (non members)
Levels 1, 2 = £30 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £40 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £50 (Each)



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