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Grade up your training with our

Six Functional Levels

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Level 1- Fundamentals of Functional Movement 
Here you will build the foundations of movement learning to be in total control of your body; pelvic tilts, scapular control & activation, ankle dorsi flexion, core activation, posture correction, gluteal activation and balance are all tested.

This Level will create the building blocks for greater challenges to come - learning to walk before you can run.




Level  2- Beginnings of Functional Movement
This 2nd level will take the movements you have learned from level 1 to apply them effectively to functional exercises. You will find; Kettlebell swings, Romanian deadlifts, goblet squats & headstands within your programming.

This natural progression will give you the confidence to build your strength & fitness knowing your technique is correct giving you the most benefit.

Level 3- Functional Movement and Exercise
In Level 3 you will be perfecting movements & learning new, harder skills.
Handstands, box jumps, pull ups, kettlebell turkish get ups & other challenging exercises will be introduced to your programming.

Level 4- Functional Movement and Performance
In Level 4 you will be moving onto more performance based work, advanced strength and dynamic exercises.

Free standing handstands, % bodyweight deadlifts, skin the cat on gymnastic rings, 1k run within 3:30 minutes are all amongst the tests.

Level 5- Advanced Functional Performance 
In Level 5 you will be perfecting your skills, building some awesome strength, power & fitness, becoming completely tuned and in control of your body.

Exercises such as muscle ups, snatches, pistol squats, toes to bar, 150% bodyweight deadlifts & 5k run in under 23 minutes are some of the tests.


Level 6- Functional Fitness Athlete
In this level you will be learning to master your body, pushing your limits in all areas; strength, flexibility, power, skills, & fitness.
To pass this level will take a lot of work but completely worth the hard graft! You will be able to take on any physical challenge/sport & smash it.

To reach an FF athlete status you will be able to; Hold a freestanding handstand for 1 minute, run 5k in sub 20 minutes, deadlift more than twice your bodyweight, perform multiple handstand press ups, clean & jerk more than 100% of your bodyweight, Slack line walk & many more cool things.






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FF Lifestyle Membership
FF Levels, FF Level Programming, FF Level Assessments,

Open Gym Access, Unlimited Classes 

£80.00 per month

Single payment (non members)
FF Levels, FF level programming
Levels 1, 2 = £40 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £50 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £60 (Each)

Assessment price - Class or video analysis (non members)
Levels 1, 2 = £30 (Each)
Levels 3, 4 = £40 (Each)
Levels 5, 6 = £50 (Each)

Could our unique 6 level programs benefit your training?

Ignore the competition and reach the highest level you can personally reach

The level programs will ensure crossover to everyday activities & make challenges easier and more accessible

To gain the level 6 status you will have developed into an all-round functional athlete, with the ability and freedom to take on any physical challenge you desire!

YES..Start Level 1
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